Nowadays the giant chip maker, Intel seems to be more interested to develop new silicon with ultra low power and cost for consumer market. Without further clocking its core frequency at higher rate, the move to 45-nanometer process technology has able to boost up its performance per watt suitable for home as well as car PC applications. Just recently, Diamondville has been added into Intel’s roadmap targeted for low power segment that fits well within 5 Watt thermal envelope.

According to reliable source, there will be two versions of Diamondville processor to be released for both desktop and mobile market segments. Both versions, namely SC 230 and SC 270 are in single core which will be clocking at 1.6GHz with 512kB L2 cache support. Besides, there will be a dual core version of Diamondville to be released for higher performance usage model.
Even combining core memory modules and peripheral devices, the system may not exceed 10 Watt which is far below its competitors’ platform with similar performance.
The single core processor should be available in market by first half of 2008 following with dual core version by end of 2008. Ultimately, its final product could be targeted to price sensitive platform as well such as Asus Eee PC or OLPC within sub $250 price range.