Vehicle tires become part of the important element in ensuring safety driving. Even with proper maintenance, nobody can guarantee normal operation of four tires at all time. In view of this, some researchers from Purdue University have come out with brilliant concept of getting sensory devices to be embedded into tire for early fault detection while driving on the road. The intelligent tire concept is believed to be able to reduce the accident rate with the help of high end technology being integrated into vehicle control system.


The mechanism behind the whole idea is the sensors embedded in the tires that are able to transmit signal back to the In Vehicle computer system for further processing. By doing so, the driver will be alerted when there is any change to the tire conditions such as low air pressure or imbalance pressure among four tires that create risk of accident during the ride. Furthermore, it is smart enough to detect impeding temperature change which often link to bearing reliability failure in long run. While it is able to prevent causality incidents, it also reduces the vehicles maintenance cost with all the sensory detections in early stage.

This development is still in very early research stage as no news has been released on when it will be implemented in the end products yet. Good news is, this technology should be able to cover all types of different vehicles’ tires running on the road.