When opening Virtual Server 2005 Web Administration Website, the Internet Explorer browser (IE) used to open the web page will hang and not responding. Beside, Windows Event Viewer will have log showing 0x80070005 error, which generally means Access is Denied.

The problem happens because the Network Service account that Virtual Server 2005 uses does not have permission to write the Service Principal Names (SPNs) by which a client uniquely identifies an instance of a service to Active Directory. Therefore, the SPN for VSSRVC.EXE (executable for Virtual Server 2005) on NetBIOS_Name and vssrvc/Fully_Qualified_Domain_Name are not registered in Active Directory.

To determine whether the SPNs have been registered, administrator can use the Setspn command at the command prompt, for example:

setspn -L NetBIOS_Name

If the SPN’s have been registered in Active Directory, the following output is displayed:


If there is no SPN been registered in AD yet, try to re-register the above SPNs by using setspn command to fix and resolve the issue.

The syntax for using setspn command to add a SPN is as follow:

setspn -a service/name hostname

where service/name is the SPN to add, and hostname is the actual host name of the computer object that want to update.