Most people believe that mobile phone use at petrol station can cause an explosion because there is a risk that the battery may become dislodged and cause a spark that may ignite fuel. Even though there are various research reports arguing on this matter, no party has come up with any credible evidence to support this belief. Having said that, if you are working in a gas station or concerned about using a mobile phone in hazardous areas, the new Motorola i356IS could probably be the right choice for you.

motorola_i365isThe letters IS in the i356IS stand for “Intrinsically Safe”. Technically, a device termed intrinsically safe is designed to not contain any components that produce sparks or which can hold enough energy to produce a spark of sufficient energy to cause an ignition. Motorola i356IS is designed by controlling and minimizing the release of electrical and thermal energy from the phone when it is in use. The low electrical and thermal energy will not be sufficient to ignite fuel and cause any explosion or fire.

Besides the “Intrinsically Safe” feature, this new phone also features other common functions such as messaging, speaker talk, GPS, Bluetooth, organizer, etc.