The best Vista crack available for activation is flashing computer BIOS with a modified version which inserted with SLIC table with SLP 2.0 specifications, or using OEM BIOS emulation method. OEM BIOS crack is currently the only perfect way to ensure the longevity of activated Vista that lasts long, unlike earlier or older activation hacks or cracks which may fail or expire. However, if you have used one of the other activation crack methods, including frankenbuild way which replaces tokens.dat and pkeyconfig.xrm-ms, or time stopper, users may cannot import the required product key for OEM activation with “invalid key” error.

To fix the invalid key error, try to uninstall the cracks will mostly solve the issue. If the error still persists, there is no need to format and clean or fresh install the Vista again. Else try the following SLMgr (Software Licensing Manager) command to get Vista license state back to original state:

slmgr -rilc

To run above command, open an elevated privileges command prompt or disable UAC. The command will re-install system license files, applicable especially you have changed the license files in frankenbuild system. On some system which activated with non-efficient crack, the trial evaluation period of Windows Vista will expire, thus you may also need to extend the period when product key is not required by using rearm command to reset the licensing status of Vista system.

slmgr -rearm

Once done, you can now try to activate your Vista system by flashing mod OEM BIOS, or using OEM BIOS emulator. In any case, it’s recommended to purchase a genuine licensed product key.