Although Windows 7 Beta publicly available Customer Preview Program (CPP) has been officially launched, which allow everybody to download and install Windows 7 Beta build 7000 ISO, but some people may still want to join and access to Windows 7 Beta connection in Microsoft Connect website, the main platform to test Microsoft products.

Join Windows 7 Beta connection in Microsoft Connect has a few advantage, such as can access to more downloads such as Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 client and server language packs, and most important, get not one, but up to 5 free, unique, and personalized beta product keys (also available is generic Windows 7 product keys) to activate all available editions of Windows 7 Beta and Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta.

Microsoft has sent out a hardware newsletter to its ecosystem partners on January 9, Friday, which specified the following:

Invitation Code ID to Join Connect Windows Ecosystem (Win7 Beta)

Microsoft Connect: If you are a hardware partner but do not have a Winqual account, you can access the Windows 7 Beta by entering invitation ID Win7-3HQW-RF74 on the Microsoft Connect homepage.

Join Windows 7 Beta on Microsoft Connect

Thus, to join Windows 7 Beta Ecosystem Connection, just visit Microsoft Connect website, and enter the Win7-3HQW-RF74 invite code in the “Your invitation ID” text box of “Were you invited to join Connect?” section. Click on Go button, and then sign in (or sign up) with a Windows Live ID.

Windows Ecosystem
Download Windows 7 Beta in Microsoft Connect

Once the connection is added to your dashboard, just access the Windows Ecosystem to access the latest downloads and generate up to 5 free product keys for Ultimate, Home Premium and Server editions, with each key can be used to activate 5 separate computers. However, currently the product keys is not available with the following error message:

Beta Keys are Offline!

The Hardware Newsletter invitation code was posted publicly. We hope to have a solution in place shortly and apologize for the inconvenience.