In conjunction to the Apple’s 3G iPhone launching in Japan market next month, iSHARE, a famous research company in Japan has conducted a preliminary survey to gauge the response on the potential iPhone selling capability in Japan market. To our disappointment, the survey results indicated that almost 91 percent of the mobile phone users have no plan to purchase the next generation famous iPhone in short future.

The survey was targeted to the consumers with the age ranging from 20 to 49, with most of the male population interested in iPhone as compared to female. Besides, the survey further probed into the reason behind why most of the Japanese consumers don’t intend to get iPhone, not to the surprise, one of the main reasons was due to un-replaceable battery pack that was known to cause many trouble since the first generation iPhone. Out of 402 respondents’ survey forms received on the net, there were around 88 percent of consumers feedback that they need a replaceable battery, which was quite tally with the 91 percent of consumers that don’t have plan to buy iPhone.

The survey was conducted in early June time frame when the actual retail price was not announced. So, I am not sure if there will be more consumers interested in iPhone when they realize that the price will be only about half of what the first generation iPhone being sold. Anyway, it will still very much depends on the Softbank, the Japanese cellular network service provider on how much subsidy it intends to put together with the subscription plan.