Looking for an easy solution to recover your lost or stolen phone? The iTag company has announced its new innovative mobile Lost and Found app and service. This free iTag service allows users to protect, locate as well as recover your lost or stolen mobile device, seems perfect for careless folks who always lost their handsets.

“Today’s mobile phones are indeed the new computers in our pockets. While this means incredible power to surf, communicate, store, play and produce on the go, it also means many of us now walk around with an astounding amount of critical personal and business data just ripe for loss,” commented Lance Parker, CEO and founder for iTag. “I founded iTag to protect and connect people, ensuring the security of their personal and professional data as well as their valuable mobile devices.”

Features of iTag Lost and Found Service:

  • Check location of your phone on a map from iTag.com
  • Make the lost or stolen phone ring from iTag website even if it is set to silent or vibrate
  • Stop others to use your lost phone by locking the keys
  • Back up and restore the handset’s address book
  • Delete all the phone’s data permanently to ensure security of private and confidential info
  • Send a message to your friend who closest to lost phone, allowing them to help retrieve it
  • View the location of friends and family thanks to permission based mobile social networking features
  • Alert is sent while someone changes the phone’s SIM card, so the owner can see the new mobile number and give it to the authorities

iTag Lost and Found service is now available for Android-based smartphones, expected to be follow by more platform in the future. According to the company, the first 10,000 registered users at iTag.com will receive free iTag protection and social networking Premium Features for lifetime.

Watch the demo video of iTag’s Lost and Found service below: