If you have a limited data plan imposed by service provider in monthly basis and would like to utilize it as much as possible without touching the maximum threshold, here is a simple freeware that you can try. Named as iTraffic, it allows users to monitor and visualize how much Internet traffic data is flowing to/from your computer with total network bandwidth usage from time to time.


Once install and launch the software utility, for the start, users will need to select which network interface that they would like to monitor. For instance, they can selectively monitor wireless transmission, normal LAN Gigabit Ethernet port, Bluetooth or VPN client packet transmission. After configuration, they will be able to monitor the network bandwidth in fully configurable graphical view from time to time. In case there is a need just to look into summary of how much network bandwidth usage, users can click on the ‘Reports’ button in the right click menu and it will display all in daily, weekly or even monthly basis, giving you an overall picture if the data plan is under utilized. On top of this, users will able to check the Internet connectivity speed over time so that they know when it starts getting interruption especially in the midst of downloading a huge file.

Compatible with all Windows Operating System, the program is free for download here for immediate use.