Good news for both the iPhone Apps developers and those end users (outside of United States) that would like to promote and receive coupon code or promo code (a short form of promotional code), Apple has recently removed the restriction of App Store promo codes (that were used to be restricted to US based iTunes users) with official availability to all international users now.

Apparently, this is a great piece of news and for those international users that are looking for free promo code, they will have chance to get it soon. And similarly to apps developers, the promo code can now be distributed widely either as a giveaways promotion or other sorts of marketing strategy regardless of its geographical locations. In case you don’t aware, the promo codes can be entered into the App Store app (launched on your iPhone) to purchase certain apps offered by developers. By scrolling to the bottom of the “Featured” page on App Store app, you can locate a “Redeem” button and simply pressing on it follow by the promo code key-in will allow you to redeem it for free usage.

Besides, there are also other great changes in conjunction with the announcement such as the push notification system that has been upgraded to a much more secure 2048-bit TLS/SSL certificates as well as the 90-second song preview feature as an extra benefit to all.