Typically, a normal nettop or netbook would cost around $200-$300 which is already very affordable among laptop products, but seems that Jointech has able to develop an even cheaper version of J-PRO Mini Laptop targeted at the same market segment. Named as JL-7100, it is claimed to be the world’s most affordable laptop with a selling price of only $99 for consumer market.

As expected, the processor built into the laptop is only entry level SKU running at 400MHz, which may only be suitable to process some light applications such as web surfing, word processing, powerpoint foils preparation and etc. Not too bad if you are tight of budget as the price is even lower as compared to some PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) while still able to offer bigger screen, a 7-inch TFT 800 X 480 resulotion with comfortable QWERTY keyboard for fast typing. On top of that, it is further backup with 64MB ROM and RAM, an external SD card (up to 4GB) and some of the legacy IO interfaces include 3 USB ports, VGA output and Ethernet port.

The tiny machine will be preloaded with Windows CE and weighted at only 680g, it is an ideal companion to bring along especially for those budget constraint travelers. If you can afford more, the company also offers higher end series JL7200, JL7300 or JL777 that comes with Gigahertz speed processor and run Windows XP while further enhanced with 8GB SSD (Solid State Device) drive.