How frequent do you need to keep track of your daily activities? If this is part of your responsibility and you would like to get all the tracking done automatically without the need to spend extra resource on it, then this simple tool will help you. Named as JournalLive, it is an online time tracker tool that able to lock down how much time you have spent for each task in front of your PC in daily life.

What you need is a login account and just go to register one at JournalLive free. Once activated, just launch the application and you are ready to go. The tool will show you the top 5 activities by sequence, a pareto chart as well as summary details of what you have spent at any time. Good thing about this is, it will able to generate a report with all the activities summary, giving you the great visibility of what task you have spent most at any particular time.

Besides personal Edition for individual use, there is another Professional edition that is ideal for corporate use to keep track employees’ productivity during office hour. Although it may not tell exactly on how much time an employee has spent his time on certain project, but at least it will give a rough idea on how much time he has gaming, IM, web browsing, emailing or purely working on office documents. Personal Edition is totally free for use while Professional Edition requires 10€/user/month with a 30-days free trial period with limited offer now. No harm to start using it for better resource allocation and more productive work from today onwards.