JVC has announced the launch of its new GZ-HM1 HD Enverio camera which offers a full slate of technologies to optimize picture quality. The new GZ-HM1 HD Enverio camera has been improved in three key areas such as low light performance, camera-shake compensation and digital still quality that make it ideal for high-end video enthusiasts and semi-professionals. The GZ-HM1 HD Enverio has been enhanced with the company’s Advanced Image Stabilizer that improves compensation especially in the wide angle range and providing a stable image even if the user is walking while shooting.

Featured with a new 10.62-megapixel CMOS sensor with 1920 x 1080 resolutions that can deliver a true 10-megapixel still image at up to ISO 6400, the GZ-HM1 HD Enverio is also equipped with a 16x zoom lens and comes with 64GB of internal memory as well as supports SDHC memory card.

The GZ-HM1 provides time lapse recording from 1 to 80 seconds interval and high recording speed with up to 600 frames per second for extreme slow-motion effects. The camera also can capture simultaneous recording of 1080-line HD video alongside 5.7-megapixel stills.

In addition, it also comes with Everio MediaBrowser software for browsing the digital files which have been created with new Everio camera at PC and supports automatic conversion of HD videos as well as directly exported the files to iTunes, iPod and iPhone.

The JVC GZ-HM1 is expected to be available in March and is priced at $1199.95.