Running too many applications on your computer simultaneously such as email client, internet explorer, real player may cause your Windows taskbar gets crowded and you can get confused easily with what are applications have been opened. In order to avoid the congestion and confusion caused by too many applications, you can manage some of the running applications by keeping them under system tray (the place where you find the clock) by using TrayIt!


TrayIt! doesn’t requires any installation, just run the executable file and it will shows all the opened windows currently running in your computer. To temporary put the opened windows under system tray, you can do it by holding Shift key while minimizing the application. Once you have restored the window, it will be kept under taskbar as usual instead of in the system tray. If you want to always keep the window in the system tray whenever the window is minimized, go to TrayIt! user interface, look for the application that you want to keep under system tray and right clicking on it, from the context menu choose “Place in System Tray”. You will notice the those applications will be minimized and kept under system tray.

There are few options that allow you to customize TrayIt! behavior under Edit -> Profiles such as Load TrayIt! during computer startup, group similar tray icons for each application, single click to activate an application kept in system tray, clicking on the system tray to minimize the application in foreground and activate when it is in background, hold shift key instead of ctrl key to temporary minimize the a window to system tray and etc.

In summary, TrayIt! is absolutely free and useful tool especially when you have a lot of applications keep on running at the same time on your computer. It is compatible to run on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. If you would like to have a try for TrayIt!, click here to download.