People are getting more health conscious nowadays and prefer to live a more healthy life. Thus, keeping fit and maintaining a healthy body could be a New Year resolution for many people. However, the world is full of temptations and many people lack the discipline or determination to carry out their resolutions. If you are a member of the iPhone or iPod club, find out more about Health Cubby, an iPhone and iPod Touch app that could probably motivate and help you to achieve your sliming and health plan.

health-cubbyHealth Cubby is a simple program that helps iPhone or iPod users to monitor and keep track of their own health program. This program allows users to set their short term as well as long term health plans and monitor them accordingly. Users can even group or connect a group of friends who have the same resolutions so that they can encourage one another and help each other keep track of progress in their fitness regime. To avoid over eating or excessive eating habit, users can also make use of this app to track the wholesomeness of meals through star rating.

The Health Cubby app is available on the iPhone App store. Users who want to monitor or track their dieting plans can download it from the iPhone App store.

A summary of the features is as follows:

  • Set weekly goals for Weight, Cardio, Strength Training, Vice, and Measurements
  • Set long term goals for Weight and Measurements
  • Connect with up to 7 friends
  • Track the health of meals by star rating
  • Online Sync/Backup
  • Chart weight for individuals or group
  • Send and receive messages from friends
  • Weight in pounds or kilograms
  • Measurements in inches or centimeters
  • Excel compatible email reports (CSV attachment)
  • If data entry is interrupted by a phone call, the data will be stored and retrieved on next launch