Do you think the broadband service offered by your local service provider is value for money? Probably it is time to keep track of your internet connection and avoid paying extra charges to the service provider. Users who would like to monitor their internet bandwidth usage and the internet connection speed can get a copy of BitMeter to assist them.


BitMeter is a useful and free bandwidth meter that can perform real time monitoring on Internet speed and bandwidth usage. This bandwidth meter features an appealing and colorful interface. The upload and download speeds are represented via colorful graphs. Each colors represents different upload and download speed. The update of the information is in real time. Besides tracking your internet connection and bandwidth usage, BitMeter can also alert users via audio notice about the current upload or download speed at regular time intervals. It will also prompt users if the internet connection is disconnected.

Users who want to try can download it via the link here. A summary of the features of this application is as follows:

• Audio notification at regular (configurable) time intervals – different tones are played according to your current upload or download speed (tone boundaries are also configurable)
• Audio notification each time a certain amount of data is transferred (uploaded, downloaded or both)
• Animated System Tray icon shows upload and download speeds
• Check for new version (with auto-check option and proxy support)
• Select any combination of network cards to monitor or ignore
• Configurable graph scale – set to any value, or set to auto-adjust according to your speed
• Connection Speed Helper
• Option to display current graph maximum on screen
• Change units used in readout (Kb,KB,Mb,MB)
• Change graph type (bar or line graph)
• Interval bars with adjustable time period
• Adjustable scroll interval (anywhere between 1 and 60 seconds)
• Save favourite colour combinations for later use, or use one of the preconfigured colour-schemes.
• Configure System Tray tooltip information (including speeds and days totals)
• Show or hide readout area, or adjust its font-size.
• Auto-start option for current user, or all users
• Manual and automatic backup options of configuration and traffic history information.