MyPadlock Password Manager is a secure and simple password manager that allows the user to keep all the password under “lock and key” on their PC and is only accessible if they know a master password that is created by the user on initial configuration. This master password will be the only password which needs to be created.


MyPadlock has using 128-bit AES encryption to encrypt all the password into an encrypted file and keep into hard drive. The file is also encrypted with password and will automatically logged off in a few minutes to ensure that the users don’t leave the password open to anyone while they were away from their desk.

This application uses very minimal CPU, memory and does not require Internet connection as the file is keep into local hard disk. MyPadlock able to supports windows platform like Windows XP,Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 as long as the machine is .Net Framework 3.5 ready.

Currently, it available for free download.