YouTube offers a huge and great video bank for users to share and enjoy various types of free video clips. However, unlike television programs, YouTube doesn’t allow users to automatically play the movies searched by users. Once users type in a search term such as “Beijing Olympics 2008”, YouTube will display a list of related video clips. Users need to go back to the search page to click on the next movie one after the other. YouTube doesn’t streamline search results so that all the movie clips can be played automatically one after the other without going back to the search page. To overcome the shortcoming in YouTube, a new free service called Infinitube has come into the picture.

Search with Infinitube

List of search result
Infinitube is a great service which allows users to view all the YouTube movie clips displayed in the search list. Users can just type in the search term and Infinitube will look for video clips that match the search term. Infinitube will thence start playing the first clip in the list. It will continue moving on to the subsequent video once the previous one has finished playing. With Infinitube, users can enjoy watching continuous movie clips without interruption. They can watch the clips while they are doing something else, e.g. eating, folding clothes, etc. It is very useful especially for those who want to watch music videos. They could just type their favourite artist name and Infinitube will play for them the related music videos from this artist. Of course Infinitube allows users to skip to the next video clip if they don’t like the clip which is playing.