Many but not all keyboards come with LED indicators that tell users whether the keyboard is currently Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock, etc. Users who are using keyboard without these LED indicators might find it a bit inconvenient to check the on/off status of various lock keys such as Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock especially when they are concentrating hard or rushing to finish typing something. Keyboard Leds is a small and interesting application that can probably offer a solution for users especially touch typists who need to frequently change and refer to the current states of keyboard locks.

Keyboard Leds is a free application that stays in the Windows system tray and indicates to users whether the keyboard’s Caps Lock, Scroll Locks, and Num Locks are on/off via the indicator lights customized by the users. Users can customize different light colors and show on the screen whether the keyboard is Caps Locked. Besides, users also can create a small onscreen alert to signal to users when they press any or all of the lock keys.

Keyboard Leds
is developed for Windows OS only. This application doesn’t really improve or enhance typing substantially but it does help typists to deal with keyboard nuisances and type more comfortably.