Keyboard shortcut is a set of combination keyboard strokes which can be used to trigger the predefined actions such as to open a file, to exit from an application, to make printing and etc. For instance, common keyboard shortcuts like Alt+f4, Ctrl+P are widely used in to shutdown an application and to invoke the printing action respectively. Besides that, keyboard shortcuts are also used extensively by hardcore gamers to increase their gaming reaction speed. Similarly, have you ever think of using keyboard shortcut keys in Facebook?

Here is the list of shortcuts which you could try in Facebook by using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. For Firefox users, just hold the Shift key together with the key combinations below to get the same effect:

  • Alt+1: Return to Home
  • Alt+2: To view the Wall tab
  • Alt+3: To pull down the Friends Requests list
  • Alt+4: To retrieve the Messages list
  • Alt+5: To call out the Notification list
  • Alt+6: Account setting page
  • Alt+7: Account privacy configuration.
  • Alt+8: Facebook fans group page
  • Alt+9: Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Alt+0: Facebook Help Center
  • Alt+m: Create new message
  • Alt+?: Cursor in the Search Box

Note that the combinations are separated by a plus sign and hence do not use it as part of the keystrokes combination. Perhaps this may not be the exhaustive list and just share it in the comments if you have discovered new shortcuts from Facebook. Meanwhile, happy Facebooking!