When you are busy in kitchen, you wouldn’t really realize what are the things that running out of stock. Sometime you might recall when you go for shopping and you can refill the stocks. But it is inevitably that you will forget. Thank to SmartShopper, your problem might be overcome with the help of this electronic device.

ss_photo_small.jpgSmartShopper is an automated grocery list assistant that is designed to help you in kitchen. This device recognizes 2,500 item names and common errands that already entered (say, “dry cleaners” or “post office”) and let you add items of your own. Each entry of your command will be displayed on the LCD screen in order for you to correct it. Smartshopper also has an embedded thermal printer that can print out the list according to the categories when you are going out to shop.

This kitchen helper is available at SmartShoperUsa at US$149.95 and comes with three rolls of thermal paper.