The leading innovators in mobile-to-mobile sharing, Pointy Heads Software has launched its Knocking Live Video to iPhone users. According to the company, the Knocking Live Video is claimed to be the world’s first broadcast app for the iPhone. The application has been designed to eliminate the upload, send and download processes by establishing live, device-to-device connectivity regardless of proximity or other barriers.


Knocking Live Video can create an immediate, device-to-device connection for allowing one iPhone user to broadcast live streaming video to another iPhone handset. The application has been maximized the potential of the iPhone camera which treats the camera as a keyhole into another moment that lets the users look through other device, place and event.

“We cannot be more elated to bring live video broadcasting to the iPhone,”  explained by Jim Montalto co-founder of Knocking and Pointy Heads Software. “Knocking Live Video is truly a breakthrough in technology and social media. At the most fundamental level, Knocking Live Video lets users be in the moment with friends and family, regardless of distance.”

All the Knocking apps has been featured with a ‘Facebook Connect’ which automatically publishes stories on user’s ‘Knocks’ in real-time. Knocking Live Video is now available for download in the networking category of the Apple app store and will be free for the first 50,000 users.