It is important to have a tool to proper manage all your contacts so that the contact information can be accessed immediately especially during emergency. If you are looking for a tool to keep all your contacts in this systematic way, then Kontakter will be a great and powerful address book utility which you can consider.


Kontakter is an address book with very user-friendly interface. It provides you a very powerful search function whereby you just need to type partial strings in the search bar and it will search through whole contacts which match with the string in any fields and display the matched contact information accordingly. Kontakter allows you to store contacts either in local or centralized database. Once you have it installed and launched, you will be asked to create an account and there are two types of accounts that you can choose namely Local and Network account. Local account will store your contacts in local database, whereas Network account allows you to synchronize local contacts with its centralized database. If you choose to use network account, then you need to provide the server IP address of where the central database is installed. For instance, if you have installed Kontakter in your laptop and added new contacts from time to time, now you would like to sync up all contacts with your home PC. The first thing you need to do is to have Kontakter installed at your home PC, then go to Start -> All Programs -> Kontakter -> Kontakter-server to launch the server program, leave the port as what it is and enter any password as you like, then click Start button will complete the setup.


Your laptop will be a client now and you can launch Kontakter, then go to the network account that you have created, go to Edit -> Settings and enter your home PC IP address under Host address field, leave the port to what it is and type server password to be the same as what you have entered in the Kontakter server program.


You will be requested to restart Kontakter immediate after the change and once it is restarted, it will be connected to the server and you can synchronize contacts to the server by going to File -> Sync Contacts or click on Sync Contacts button located on the left pane. There are lots of great features that you can find from this tool such as export/import contacts in vCard format (.vcf), export contacts to PDF, print out all contacts, display addresses on google maps, export/import SQLite database with all your contacts, add up to 6 custom fields, account password protection when open up the account and you can create multiple accounts within the same tool as well.

Kontakter ver 0.2 is absolutely free to download and is compatible to run on Windows/Mac OS X/GNU/Linux. You can find the download link at below for each type of different OS.

Kontakter ver 0.2 Windows installer
Kontakter ver 0.2 Ubuntu
Kontakter ver 0.2 Mac OS X