The leading global supplier of personal GPS navigation devices, Mio Technology has introduced its latest personal navigation devices (PNDs) at CeBIT 2008, including Moov 200 (with 3.4-inch touchscreen), Moov 330 and Moov 370 (both with 4.3-inch touchscreen). All of them feature a 400 Mhz processor, SiRFstarIII GPS receiver and MioMore, the new service that offers real-time traffic information, GPS local search capabilities, additional maps and more, aiming to unearth local places and points of interests.


“It’s no longer enough to simply provide a great A to B navigation experience, the next generation of GPS devices must also deliver value added services that provide greater insight into the local environment including shops, facilities and traffic events,” said Ben Perrin, Mio Technology’s vice president of marketing. “Mio customers and retail partners are already benefiting from new products and services, increased sales support, greater marketing resources and enhanced customer support services. As we continue to drive benefits from the integration of Navman, the new Mio is going from strength to strength and will provide a significant challenge to the current leaders in the GPS product market.”