Subsequent to the release of WordPress 2.3, codenamed Dextar, on 24 September 2007, the famous blog publishing system is now releasing its WordPress 2.3.1. WordPress Version 2.3 features interface improvements, native tagging support, new taxonomy system for categories and easy updates notification while the Version 2.3.1 will focus on bug fixing and security matters arising in the Version 2.3 series. This release can fix over twenty bugs, with some notable changes amongst them include:

• Furnish tagging support for Windows Live Writer
• Improve email address extraction in wp-mail.php
• Fix a login bug which has affected those with a Blog Address different than
their WordPress Address
• Perform faster taxonomy database queries
• Improve the link manager’s linkage substantially and only ensure that user with the “manage links” capability can access the page
• Resolve the security issues that were found in version 2.3 when php setup has enabled reister_globals
• Groupings in the SQL queries used during upgrade to remove errors on duplicate entries in the old post2cat and link2cat tables
• The Sender is set on emails to help on hosts that limit which email addresses can send
• Fixes to category assignment during link import from OPML
• Manifest file for Windows Live Writer so as to enable tagging support
• Performance improvements for the Taxonomy intersection queries.
• Exclusion of the post previews from canonicalisation
• Improvements to the handling of the main query to ensure it is saved when calling wp()
• Fix the in-line uploader so that send to editor works with a blank title
• Removal of the case-sensitivity on host names of wp_safe_redirect()
• Changes to the load order in the javascript loader to ensure that Prototype is loaded before jQuery
• Enforcement of the same sanitization rules for pages as for posts

Update: WordPress 2.5 RC2 WordPress 2.5 has been released, future update will be updated from the post.