Have you ever received hate emails? Been a victim of sex scandals, fraud allegations or other virtual attacks in cyberspace? Did you feel threatened, intimidated and helpless? A least two Korean celebrities had committed suicide after being subjected to continuous and brutal smudge campaigns on the Internet. Consequently, a law has been introduced in South Korea to register all online users through their real names and social security numbers.

This is purportedly to curb the activity of cyber bullies which is on the rise. But many critics are crying foul over this heavy-handed policing by the state. The freedom of speech and opinion which are the cornerstones of the Internet’s popularity are being compromised. While cyber bullying or online abuse is a real problem that needs to be tackled, the control and interference of the government in the Internet only serve to restrict freedom while not necessarily eliminating this cyber crime. Internet experts have many ways to get around the law and continue their campaign of posting obscene and insulting comments under the watchful eyes of the police or government.