Typically, conventional keyboard buttons are arranged in such as way that Ctrl (Control) button stays at the most bottom left end with Fn (Function) button on its right. But Lenovo has designed it slightly different with both of their positions swapped and this small change may actually cause trouble for users especially those that being exposed to other brands before transitioning to Lenovo machine. So instead of trying to lock the computer using Ctrl + Alt + Delete buttons, you may mistakenly type Fn + Alt + Delete that activates nothing, that may cause inconvenience and inefficiency of your daily life. Good news now, the company hears consumers’ feedback and is currently working on BIOS fix that will add an option to allow users configuring both the buttons as inverted functions while keeping its keyboard buttons unchanged.

Some may curious how much would the giant laptop maker needs to spend in order to add the BIOS options by working with BIOS vendors such as AMI, Phoenix or respective vendors as compared to redesign the hardware keyboard layout. It seems to me that changing the keyboard button is much more simpler but nevertheless, the new option will definitely able to cater for all users including those that already get used to Lenovo keyboard as well as those that still prefer conventional keyboards. With only simple configuration in BIOS setup, users can choose whichever suit them especially when a same laptop is shared among multiple users that prefer different ways of typing experience.

However, the BIOS option will not be available for existing ThinkPad models, even though they should be feasible and compatible (with BIOS update) but will only be rolled out into upcoming Lenovo laptop series and so remember to ask for such feature if you are going to purchase a new ThinkPad soon.