Intel Atom is getting good traction and is currently dominating nettop market with a series of processors under this family. In order to continue its momentum, the giant chipmaker is planning to launch its successor, codenamed as Pineview combining with its TigerPoint chipset offering two-chip solution for much effective board design with lower BOM (Bill of Material) cost. While most of us are still waiting for its availability targeted by early next year, a recent FCC filing has disclosed that the first Pinetrail based netbook could be provided by Lenovo under one of its IdeaPad series.


Named as FL5-B3 (no official name yet), the machine is claimed to be powered by Intel Pineview processor (or officially known as N450) running at 1.66GHz and coupled with Tiger Point as an IO hub to extend its connectivity for external peripherals. Besides, it comes with a standard 10.1-inch 1024 X 600 resolution panels, with 2GB of memory RAM and a relatively large 250GB hard disk drive. As compared to its predecessor, the new PineTrail solution will be built using 45-nm process technology for both processor and chipset that will put them in even better performance per watt ratio, with maximum TDP (Thermal Design Power) under thermal envelope of less than seven watt suitable for fanless applications. That is not all, its internal graphics core speed has been upgraded from previously GMA950 to GMA500 with 200MHz core speed which will definitely able to boost up its graphics performance to next level.

No pricing and availability yet, the machine is expected to be preloaded with latest Windows 7 and should be reaching consumer market soon.