SSD (Solid State device) is a on the way replacing conventional hard disk drive especially with its great performance needed by high end machine . However, its sky high price is still not affordable by average users. In view of current situation, Lenovo has announced a new technology that can make full use of both, making it suitable even for standard multimedia notebooks. Named as RapidDrive, it is a technology that has able to combine fast SSD with cheaper and higher capacity conventional hard disk drive targeted for full performance boost at an affordable price.

From technical point of view, the hybrid drive is based on two individual interfaces whereby the SSD will be connected to patented PCI-Express interface while leaving the conventional hard disk drive to SATA port. While you may wonder how the system will able to detect and recognize which storage drive to use but Lenovo developer has able to resolve this by creating a patent pending software solution that can ‘merge’ and let users see it as a single drive for more effective use. Just imagine, now users can use faster SSD for commonly accessed files while leaving conventional more affordable storage space for bulk storage. And the advantage is obvious – it is expected to be able to boost up Windows 7 boot up time by 66 percent without significant increase in system BOM (Bill of Material) cost.

The new technology will be implemented on Lenovo Y560 and Y460 model with either a 32GB or 64GB SSD and with combination of higher capacity conventional hard disk drive (up to 500GB) as a start and may potentially be implemented in other Lenovo machines in short future.