The success of Apple’s App store has inspired the South Korean mobile phone maker, LG, to join the party by rolling out its own mobile app store. Being one of the largest handset makers, LG Electronics has initiated its LG Application Store which offers 1,400 apps in 15 languages for LG phone users. As a start, LG Application Store will focus mainly on the Asia-Pacific market and slowly expand to Europe and South America by the end of the year. LG has yet to set its expansion plan in US at this point of time.


Based on analysis and estimation, the Apple’s App Store has successfully created a profitable marketplace with revenue of more than US$1billion annually for the company. More than a few hundred million software apps have been downloaded since the App Store was launched. How far can the LG App Store duplicate the success of Apple’s App Store will be an interesting thing to know. Currently the LG Application Store is in Beta and it only supports two LG phones, namely LG GM730 and LG KS20. Users can take a glance at LG App Store via the link here.