digitaltvLG Electronic has again shown its market leader position in advance technology in consumer electronics and mobile communications by demonstrating its Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) mobile digital television on some of its mobile phones at CTIA 2009. LG shown participants live local TV broadcasting on its LG Voyager CDMA and LG Maize GSM phone after incorporating the new ATSC standard chips into them.

Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) is a new replacement format for NTSC. LG has been helping to develop a mobile version of the standard in the form of embedded chips.

“The timely introduction of a wide variety of ATSC Mobile DTV-compatible devices will be crucial to the creation of a robust mobile digital TV market,” said Brandon Burgess, chairman of the OMVC. “Broadcasters applaud LG’s leadership, both in the development of the standard and in deploying mobile DTV receivers to support our launch plans in 2009 and beyond.”

This technology will not be limited to just mobile phone. It will also extended to other devices such as handheld TV, media players, etc. Dr. Woo Paik, president and chief technology officer, LG Electronics, said, “Digital TV broadcasts to mobile and handheld devices will represent new opportunities for manufacturers and carriers alike as digital TV stations deliver a wide range of exciting programming using the new standard.”