Apple’s next generation 4G iPhone is expected to reach consumer market by second half of this year but before its arrival, there is already some news that being leaked especially from some of its parts or components’ supplier. Just recently, a Korean newspaper known as Chosun has reported that LG Innotek, a Gumi based manufacturer has started to produce camera module for this long anticipated next generation iPhone.

The new camera module will get a new refresh with 5MP which is indeed quite common in today’s mobile market with some manufacturers already started to move in 8MP or even higher. Besides getting major upgrade in terms of megapixels resolution, the new iPhone camera module will also being integrated with LUXEON LED flash technology from Philip. Although it seems to be contradict with initial leak of potential use of OmniVision sensor camera which is currently used in 3GS iPhone or potentially the new full HD capable QV5650 but in actual fact, the main core may still be supported with OmniVision technology but packaged by LG Innotek with integration of additional elements like lens and flash components.

No exact information on full specification or roughly how much it costs in bulk volume yet, the new 5MP camera module is expected to ramp into mass production by second half of this year, ready for Apple’s 4th generation iPhones demand once it is officially launched.