LG, the famous Korean telecommunication company has demonstrated a new modem chip prototype that is claimed to be compliant with 3GPP LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless technology standard, a next generation cellular network technology after 3G or HSDPA with even higher bandwidth allocated for mobile users. LTE is a favored 4G technology by most majority of mobile service providers since it is based on WCDMA that make the upgrade and migration effort simpler with less cost involved.

During the demonstration in its Technology Research lab, LG has able to show a real life download speed of 60Mbps with upload speed of 20Mbps which has marked a great milestones towards the new technology evolution. As tiny as 13mm X 13mm, the LTE chip can be built into any next generation mobile devices without increasing its overall form factor significantly. Theoretically, it can hit up to ultra high cellular bandwidth with theoretical 100Mbps and 50Mbps downlink and uplink speed respectively. For comparison, the download speed is almost 10 times faster than current most advanced HSDPA at 7.6Mbps in today’s mobile market.

Although it may be still too early to say when we can really enjoy the real desktop web browsing experience with LTE, but we should expect to see the first LTE mobile devices in the market by 2010.