Live MeshLive Mesh is a data synchronization system from Microsoft that is part of Live Services. Live Mesh allows users to sync, share, and access the data, information and files across multiple devices. With Live Mesh, once a folder is set for synchronization, it will be available in all devices, can be shared with others, and any changes made to the content of the folder will be reflected across all devices.

LiveMesh uses FeedSync to convey the changes made in each device so that the changes can be synchronized. As its name implied, devices in a sync relationship are collectively known as a Mesh, and all synchronization relationships are store at server-end.

Live Mesh is much similar to DropBox, but Live Mesh has a unique feature called Live Desktop. Each registered users has a personal Live Desktop, which is sort of Windows PC on the web that comes with 5 GB of free storage. Files can be synced to Live Desktop and users will be able to access all files on Live Mesh Desktop with any web browser with Internet connection.

Another unique feature of Live Mesh is Live Mesh Remote Desktop for remote accessing another PC. Useful when need to use or access some files or folders that haven’t been synchronized. Live Mesh Remote Desktop works similar to Remote Desktop Connection (RDP), where it opens a window into remote computer and users can access non-sync files or folders and use any programs on remote computer, even if they’re not installed on local computer. It’s also possible to copy and paste files between remote computer and your local computer.

Using Live Mesh is simple task. Start by adding computer or portable devices to the Live Mesh, which currently supports Windows, Mac OS X and mobile devices, and then install Live Mesh software onto the computer or device. Users can then add folder to Live Mesh on right click context menu. All folders selected for synchronization will appear on the global system folder, and sync process will start almost instantly.

Live Mesh, although still in beta stage, is now available for everybody. Start using Live Mesh at

Live Mesh is now part of Windows Live Essentials 2011.