Buying a game which is not compatible with your computer can be very frustrating, besides leaving ill feelings on having to part with your hard-earned cash for a useless product. Sales assistants who have no sympathy for your troubles and insist on a non-refund policy will only make temperatures soar a notch higher. If upgrading your computer is the next step, you’ll need to check the game’s system requirements and you can do so using readily available web tools.

For more tech-savvy users, VGRequirements is an online website that allows you to check a wide selection of video games for system compatibility. The database is maintained by site administrators though users can also contribute information of game specifications.

A standard game template provides information about minimum system requirements including the operating system, video memory and processor required. VGRequirements provides users with plain facts quickly instead of furnishing them with an extensive computed comparison. This website is the equivalent of a growing directory or encyclopedia for games enthusiasts.