The leading online platform for brain games and cognitive training, has introduced the first brain training game for Palm Pre smartphone, named as Speed Brain, which exercises Palm Pre users’ ability to quickly understand information and react to it, aiming to improve their processing speed and reaction time.

Lumy speed brain

“We’re excited to launch the first brain training game on webOS,” said Kunal Sarkar, CEO for Lumos Labs. “We’ve been working with Palm over the last few months and feel that webOS is a great platform to deliver games that are good for you.”

“Pre users will get a mental workout with Speed Brain, and we’re excited to include it in our beta version of Pre’s App Catalog, to give a taste of what webOS has to offer,” said Pam Deziel, vice president, Developer Marketing, Palm, Inc.

“We’re excited to take basic neuroscience and psychology findings out of the lab and deliver them to Palm Pre users in a way that is actually improving their lives,” said Michael Scanlon, Chief Scientific Officer for Lumos Labs.