How long does it take to hack into a fully patched MacBook computer? The security researcher, Charlie Miller, has again wooed participants in the Pwn2Own 2009 competition held in conjunction with the Tenth Annual CanSecWest Conference at Vancouver. Charlie Miller spent just a couple of seconds to hack into the MacBook computer by exploiting a security vulnerability in Apple’s Safari browser.

Charlie Miller was also last year’s champion. The success of hacking into MacBook computer won Miller $10,000 in cash and the MacBook machine hacked by Miller. In the interview with Miller, Miller has highlighted that before going to the CanSecWest security conference, he has planned to hack into the MacBook computer via the Safari browser. “It took a couple of seconds. They clicked on the link and I took control of the machine,” Miller said moments after his accomplishment.

Apple will not release the technical details of the vulnerability until a patch is ready.