NTT Comware, the software development unit of Japan’s telecom giant, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, has created a unique system that allows you to touch the muscles of your favorite actors or allows museum visitors to feel precious exhibits that are normally out of reach. Amazing?
This prototype Tangible 3-D system combines a three dimension display with a “haptic glove”. The 3D display creates lifelike images or graphics which are so real until they seem to burst out of a screen. Users can feel the shape and softness of the 3-D images using a sensor-loaded globe. Users can also translate the real-world objects into virtual representations via this system. For instance, users can captures images in 3D and connect the 3D images to the computer to generate a tactile representation of the objects. By using this set up, users can feel the movement with their hand if these three-dimensional images also move in real time.