Many people might not really bother if their web browser becomes corrupted or malfunction due to problems with the browser itself, Windows OS or others. They can easily download the latest version and reinstall it. However, if you customize your browser and it becomes an important daily tool to you, you can’t afford it if things go wrong as this might cause great inconvenience.

To keep all your browser settings and profiles, one of the solutions of course is to back it up. There are various browser backup programs created to target various browsers. If you are those who like to have multiple browsers and run them for various purposes, a one-for-all backup solution for all types of browser would be nice and easy for you to keep things updated. MailBrowserBackup is a free and simple program designed to help users who have the above mentioned problem. This backup tool allows users to create complete browser setting and profile backup for various browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and SRWare Iron.

MailBrowserBackup can be downloaded via the link here. This free application is an Open Source Project and users need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 prior to the installation. It currently supports Windows XP and Vista only and the developer will extend the support to Linux soon.