For people from typewriter era when computer is not so popular must be still remembering the noisy typewriting sound, where each keys pressed will have a ‘tat’ sound. Modern Windows computer doesn’t make such as loud sound while typing as the mechanical movement is minimal.

If you fancy to have a typewriting-style sound been played from computer while typing, much similar to when typing in Apple Mac OS X, Tiper is a software that helps to play sound for each typing sequence.

Tiper sits at system tray (notification area) and runs as the background process for Windows operating system, and plays a configurable wav sound file whenever a key is pressed on keyboard. Tiper supports custom sound schedule. To add custom sound scheme, just prepare the sound .wav files in preset name formats that user want to play when pressing keyboard. Best of all, separate type of keys can be customized to play different sound.

The wav sound file should be named as following:

letter.wav – sound of typing letters and numbers
enter.wav – sound of typing “Enter” key
backspace.wav – sound of typing “Backspace” key
space.wav – sound of typing “Space” key (for blank space)
bell.wav – sound of typing keys like “Tab”, “Home”, “Pg Up”, “Pg Dn” and etc.

All these sound files should be placed into a folder (any name will do), which in turn be placed inside the “sound” folder, a subfolder of Tiper program where Tiper.exe executable is. Restart Tiper after adding a sound scheme. To choose sound scheme, just right click on Tiper tray icon. Tiper itself has included many sound schemes, such as IncrediMail (default which similar to typewriter), Bird, Kongfu, Machine, Music, Nature, QQ2, and Yahoo.


Tiper also provides a keyboard shortcut to enable and disable sound effects by simply pressing Ctrl + Shift + F12. Alternatively, just right clock on Tiper icon on system tray and choose “”Disable sound effect” or “Enable sound effect”.

Download Tiper (version 1.6). It supports Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and all versions of Windows Server. Direct download link to