Wanted to have a way to configure your carrier or banner name of your iPhones so that it looks different from others? Now with this little tweak from Cydia users will be able to customize these depending on own preference. Named as MakeitMine, it is a free tweak under ModMyi repository that allows users to change it for whatever reason.

  1. Assuming that you already have your iPhone jailbroken, just head over to Cydia, under ‘Search’ field, tap in MakeitMine and then download the tweak followed by installation and you are done.
  2. By now, you should able to find a new yellow icon with the name of ‘MIM’ appear on Springboard. Just launch it and you will be prompted with a simple black interface waiting for input.
  3. Key in any desired word to be appeared either as a carrier or Banner name, followed by a respective button tap on ‘Carrier’ and ‘Banner’ located on top left and right corner will make it effective.
  4. If you intend to remove the naming, just leave the text field blank followed by a respring will make the change.

Even though it doesn’t serve any special benefit but it could be kind of interesting especially when you want to personalize the appearance on your iPhone screen. Just imagine, you can easily change the carrier name to something that is meaningful, for instance MyDigitalLife, which is totally up to your control. MakeitMine is free for download in Cydia and is suitable for iPhone and iPod touch.