There are many ways to make quick money from the internet. Of course, the ad serving program, Adsense, is a classic way where a lot of website owners, bloggers, etc have generated some revenue from it. Besides, Google Adsense, what other source of income can be sought from the internet?

Agloco is a pay to surf or online money earning MLM scheme. Once you register as a member of Angloco, you can download and install the Agloco Viewbar software. The Agloco Viewbar is the core component that records the time you are actively online and it is also the place where banner ads or text ads from advertisers get delivered to the users’ monitor screen through the software. Members can also get paid when they refer the scheme to their friends. Read more on how the scheme works.

Generally Agloco is a source of income for you from the internet. However, many users still harbour doubts or skepticism about it. Looking back to Agloco’s background, it is basically supported and backed by the same team who ran AllAdvantage. AllAdvantage was the most popular paid to surf program in the late 90s before it crashed and burned in the bubble years. The concept introduced by AllAdvantage was quite similar to Agloco: pay users a fixed hourly rate for the hours they spent in surfing the internet with their software and use an MLM structure to attract new users. Users who signed up with AllAdvantage were getting good money. However, this pay to surf program only lasted for two years. Those who had credits in their account were never paid after it closed down. Due to its dark history, many people have taken a step backward when it comes to the concept of Algoco.

AdBux works in a very simple manner. There are many websites advertised in AdBux. What you need to do is to go and browse the websites and the advertisers will pay you up to $0.015 or 1.5 cents for each website you visit. Besides, you can also sign up the affiliate program where you can earn money of your referrals’ direct click earnings and commissions on any AdBux service that your referrals purchase! You will receive your payment once you achieve your minimum payout, which is $5 via PayPal. At the same time, AdBux also allows you to advertise on it. You can advertise your business on AdBux at a fairly low rate. You can read more from AdBux.

On the down side, although, the approach is quite simple and straight forward, this online revenue program cannot really gain popularity. The main reason is the pay out is absurdly small and it is not worth to spend that much time on it.

Clix Sense
Clix Sense works almost on the same principle as AdBux. What you need to do is to log in to your Click Sense account. After that, you click the “Browse Ads” link. There is a list of ads shown to you on the “Browse Ads” page. It also shows you the amount you will be paid when you view the ads. Once you click on the link on any ad, a new window will open with a timer appearing at the top of the page and the advertiser’s page in the bottom frame. Once the timer counts down to zero (0), the amount stated for viewing the ad will be credited to your account. Interesting approach? Read more about Clix Sense.

Note: As with most PTR programs during the heyday of dotcom bubble, there is no guarantee that these programs will last long, or will even pay you. So join at your own discretion.