Microsoft released its Windows Malicious Software Removal Tools lately. This removal tool can check whether computers running under Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 are infected by any specific or prevalent malicious software or Malware which can damage your computer such as Blaster, Sasser and Mydoom. Once the removal tool has completed the detection and removal process, the tool will report the action outcome whether any Malware has been detected and removed. The tool will thence create a log file named mrt.log in the %WINDIR%\debug folder. The monthly update of this removal tool will soon be available from Microsoft. Users can set the automatic update features to Automatic in order to get the latest update version automatically delivered and installed.

User can review the KB article, KB890830, for the list of malicious software that the current version of the tool is capable of removing as well as usage instructions. Also, please be aware that this tool reports anonymous information back to Microsoft in the event that an infection is found or an error is encountered. The above KB article contains information on how to disable this functionality and what specific information is sent to Microsoft. Users are also advised to review KB article, KB891716, before deploying this tool in an enterprise environment.

Download the x64 version of Malicious Software Removal Tool via the link here.