Browsing Internet has become a habit as a daily activities especially for younger generation nowadays. If you are wondering what are the websites or activities that your kids spend the most on their computer or would like to know how much time you have spent for each of activities in your computer in order to understand how effective you are, ManicTime probably is a great tool that can help you collect data on computer usage for clearer picture on how you spend your resource on it.


ManicTime is freeware and once you download and install it, it will works silently at background to track all activities done on this computer. It records your computer’s active and away time, as well as applications usage and duration. All data captured will be stored in local database located on your computer. It is designed with a very cool and easy-to-understand interface. The data collected is shown by using timelines format with three pre-defined categories such as activity (active or away), applications (which application, when it is used and usage duration) and tags (show tags created and defined by you). Mouse over to each slot on the timelines will display a hint about the detail information such as title, application name, start and end times and usage duration. Optionally, you can get this detail information in the list view format as presented at the bottom of timelines.

Compatible with Windows 2003/2008/XP/Vista, ManicTime is designed to make you easy to find out how you or other people spend time on computer by publishing the useful statistic data. With the data collected, you can analyze the computer usage and find out how effective you are without really need to spend extra effort tracking each of them. Alternatively, you can try Productivitymeter that can achieve the same purpose.