Many users would agree that the one thing great about Mozilla Firefox browser is its flexibility which allows users to customize and enhance the browser itself with thousands of add-ons. Users can customize their Firefox browser to suit their net surfing activities with these add-ons. However, with a big chunk of add-ons available, the down side is users would have difficulties to decide which are suitable and useful for them. To overcome the dilemma faced by users and to provide greater convenience for users in determining suitable add-ons, Mozilla has lately introduced its Firefox Add-on Collections service.

Firefox Add-on Collections are groups of related add-ons assembled for easy sharing. Users who want to search for relevant adds-on for the web developer’s toolbox, for instance, can log on to the Firefox Collections Directory and use the search bar to look for it. Based on the example above, users can find a list of 12 add-ons related to the web developer’s toolbox which are available for users to download. Users can also install the Add-on Collector in the event they want the service from Mozilla to notify and alert them if there are new adds-ons added to the category specified. With the Firefox Add-on Collections service, users can subscribe to the RSS feed for any new add-ons available.