Is it part of Bill Gate’s effort as his Corporate Social Responsibility to improve society’s welfare or another new strategy to attract net users? With the recently launched Microsoft’s HealthVault search engine, net users can freely search for medical information, medical article, health information or medical database without any charge. Microsoft Health Vault is also a new software and service platform that allows users to store medical information online and manage their health in a better way.

Microsoft HealthVault consists of 3 parts: HealthVault Search, Health Vault Account and HealthVault Connection Center. HealthVault Search gives u a search platform to look for healthcare article and health information available on the internet. You can also create a personal account using the “Health Vault Account” service to collect, store and share your health information with websites and doctors. Microsoft HealthVault uses Windows Live ID to authenticate your identity when you register to HealthVault Account. It will require you to change your password to a stronger password if your password is categorized as a “weak” password. You might need to include numeric, capital letter, underscore, etc to make your password stronger. Once you have registered, you can access to your HealthVault Account to start your own Health Record. The last part, HealthVault Connection Center, allows you to connect a wide variety of HealthVault compatible devices from partners to your PC and upload them.

HealthVault is a pretty good concept especially in this increasingly health-conscious society. The remarkable web search leader will soon launch a similar facility in the near future. It is also an important service for the mankind that will gretaly imrprove health services and quality all over the world.