Developed by Mandriva development community, the Mandriva Linux 2008 is now available for downloading free of charge at the Mandriva website. This brand new Mandriva Linux 2008 features all the latest software and enhanced substantially over the earlier Mandriva Linux releases. Some improvements can be found from the new release include integration of KDE 3.5.7 and the new GNOME 2.20; a solid kernel with fair scheduling support, 2.2.1, cutting-edge 3D-accelerated desktop courtesy of Compiz Fusion 0.5.2, Mozilla Firefox, and etc. The Mandriva Linux 2008 has also integrated a reworked hardware detection sub-system, with support for a lot of new devices (particularly graphics cards, sound cards and wireless chips).

More features of Mandriva Linux 2008 can be obtained from Mandriva Release Tour. You can also download Mandriva Linux 2008 from here.