By now you should have knew that Manhunt 2 retail edition has been cracked by hacker to unlock and reveal the gory scenes and extremely violent graphical contents that was hidden, blurred, disabled, darken, faded and distorted with camera shaking effect. Well, if you want to know why the censor boards of various countries are giving the game tightest rating or even banning the sales of Manhunt 2, here’s video clip compilation prepared by a gamer named rubix99.

rubix99 downloaded the previously leaked beta version of Manhunt 2 for Sony PS2, which is effectively uncut and uncensored release that given rating of “Adult Only” (AO) with original full fledge bloody and tasteless violent animations, and then played and recorded all the possible killing or execution styles and death scenes in the game. So if you want to see the execution sequences in Manhunt 2 to compare what the differences with what you see when you KO the enemies, or you don’t have the skill to complete every stages with every possible weapons and styles, or simply too lazy to play the game, you can watch the video below.

WARNING: Do not proceed to click on video or Play button if you’re faint-hearted, hate blood, anti-violence, don’t like killing, can get uncomfortable when watching somebody been killed, stabbed, hit in head, cut into pieces or head off, afraid of death or dislike everything that related to killing, death, violent, fighting and etc. My Digital Life doesn’t responsible for any effect that you may have after viewing the video. Remember that it’s just a game.