Auto-correction feature on iPhone is great for most users but some do think that it can be further improved. Instead of automatically replace the ‘wrong’ word with the ‘correct’ word which in some cases may not be true, how nice could it be if it just highlights it (with dotted red line) while prompting you with few suggestion for selection rather than auto-replacement. And if you are looking for this tweak, that is what the ManualCorrect is all about.

Available in Cydia, it also means that you will need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad in order to utilize this. As usual, just head over to Cydia (assuming that you already have jailbroken your iOS devices) and under ‘Search’, type in ManualCorrect will prompt you for direct download. Once install and restart Springboard, the tweak will be effective. Take note that there will be no new icon or any setting for configuration but you should be able to enjoy the tweak right away.

ManualCorrect is available for free download and depending on your own preference if to auto or manual correct any typos, but this is definitely better than disabling the feature (Under General -> Keyboard -> Auto-Correction toggles to OFF) as you will lost the spelling checking capability especially when trying to do speedy typing on your iOS devices.