Nowadays GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled gadget is one of the must-have companions that allows you to navigate and reach destination whenever you go. The more complete information the map is, the higher chance that you will get confused especially when those complicated information are displayed in a tiny 3.5-inch or 4.3-inch screen. However, you definitely don’t prefer to carry a gadget with huge LCD display screen that adds weight and burden especially when you are traveling around. If you are facing the similar constraint, now the new innovative solution, named as Maptor may able to close your gap.


Designed in torchlight-like form factor, Maptor integrates a tiny GPS module into it that is able to pinpoint users’ existing location and then map against the map database like conventional GPS system. But what makes it more interesting here is those map and location data will be projected out as a huge screen display, either on the wall, floor or any flat surface for better visibility. Just imagine, now you can project out the desired location on the map conveniently for group viewing and discussion without being constraint by the tiny screen size on conventional portable device.

Fabricated with biodegradable plastic PLA (Polylactic acid) material, the device is definitely environmental friendly and more importantly, it manages to extract out all the great benefits needed in any situation. Only one concern, wonder what is the effective battery life since it consumes higher current drawn with continuously screen projection as this is another important factor that needs to be put under consideration.